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“Over the last decade, I have been filling dance-floors at some of the most luxurious weddings and high-end events in the nation…”


By Jordan Kahn, Jordan Kahn Music Company

My name is Jordan Kahn. Over the last decade, I have been filling dance-floors at some of the most luxurious weddings and high-end events in the nation with my 3 Party Orchestras. From Coast to Coast, and even beyond our country’s borders, you will find me doing whatever it takes to elevate the energy in a room and fill a dance floor. How do I do this, day after day, show after show, city after city, and time and time again? Here are three ways to ensure the entertainment you have hired will be successful at doing what you have hired them to do…

1. Hiring entertainment is an investment towards a packed dance floor, which is ultimately how you will define success at the end of the evening for your event. With entertainment, as with most things… you really do get what you pay for. For luxury events, you should focus on securing the right band quickly. If you have hired a luxury planner, it’s likely they will be able to connect you with a luxury band quickly and easily. There are only a handful of really incredible luxury bands that can guarantee a full dance floor every time. You can spot them by their videos, price, their attention to detail, and their ability to customize the songs and the band. If they don’t have a compelling video, you should probably cross them off your list. It’s important to properly budget for entertainment. Generally, 10% of the total budget should be allotted towards DJ or band. Don’t try to squeeze in other things like lighting or confetti in that 10%. Spend it on a great party host, whether it be a band or DJ. If you have extra available funds during the planning process, it’s always a great idea to invest into non-stop band sets, and more performers on stage.

2. Don’t overthink the song list. Let your party host know your vibe, but be careful in restricting them too much. Once the dance set starts,  I generally recommend sticking with dance floor hits that everyone know. There is a reason these songs are hits in the first place… It’s because everyone likes them. Tempo in beats per minute also plays a role here, and knowing that your party host understands that is crucial. I personally meet with every one of my wedding clients, including the clients for my other Orchestras. I have my clients go through a larger general list to highlight what they like, cross out what they do not like, write in songs they like that are not on the list, and then I make recommendations. If you want to add in slow songs, put them near the front of the evening. Don’t break up that dance floor and stay away from any obscure/vulgar or heavy songs. However, at the end of the day, your vendor will do what you tell them to do… so be careful. You might end up creating what you fear…a hard to fill dance floor.

All photos by: John Cain Photography

3. The night-of is all about you! HAVE FUN! Trust your planner. Don’t sweat the small stuff. A flower might be in the wrong place, a certain linen might be missing, a plate might be the wrong color, but none of that matters. This day is about you…enjoy it! Jump out on that dance floor. I guarantee your guests will follow you!

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