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“I believe the gown should be designed around the woman…”


By Patti Flowers


The creative process of design always starts with a thought, an idea. It then evolves as the creation comes to life.

When working with a new client, whether for a wedding or special event, I start with a conversation about the event, her personal style, and her thoughts.

With sketch pad in hand, I sketch ideas of how I envision the perfect look for her individual style. We pull fabrics, trims, embellishments and drape them over the client while we look in the mirror for the right colors, shades, hues, and textures that go best with her skin, hair and body.

Once the design is chosen, we take detailed measurements, create a pattern, and sew the design in muslin (a plain cotton fabric).

The first fitting is in the muslin. At this stage, we work to achieve the proper fit and the best design lines. We may raise a neckline, lower a waistline, and make whatever “tweaks” are needed for the most flattering look. We use this corrected muslin as our pattern as we move on to creating the gown in the chosen fabrics, which are the finest silks and imported materials. This next fitting is in the actual gown and adjustments to the design and fit can still be made to refine the look.

Once we have the perfect look, the gown is pressed and prepared for the portrait, wedding or special event. It is such a treat for me to dress my clients for these times.

When designing for weddings, there are several elements to take into consideration: the time of year, venue, wedding style, and color palette. The Bridal Attendants should be in a color that flatters the bride. The Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom should be in colors that not only compliment their personal looks, but also the color palette of the wedding. Remember that the pictures will last a lifetime. When designing for special events, the design considerations can be broader.

The beauty of choosing a custom gown over shopping in stores is that you have a gown that is uniquely yours, and no one else will have another gown like it. More importantly, it is designed exclusively for you.

I want my client to be the focal point, not the gown. And I want her to feel comfortable while feeling beautiful. We work closely together to reach this goal.

Our Design philosophy:
“I believe the gown should be designed around the woman with the purpose of reflecting her own style and beauty so that she is the center of the design”


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